Besides being made up, raspiado essentially means "raspberried" and is the past participle of raspberry in Spanish.

To form the past participle in Spanish, simply drop the infinitive ending (-ar) and add -ado (for -ar verbs).

So, "to speak" is hablar in Spanish.

hablar - ar + ado = hablado

That translates to "spoken".

10 Letter Acronym

In engineering there's an old, and somewhat bad, joke that goes

Old, haggard, and seasoned engineer - "there's a lot of TLA's in this business".

FNG - "What's a TLA?"

Old, haggard, and seasoned engineer - "three letter acronym"


I started 10 Letter Acronym to "scratch my own itch" relating to Raspberry Pi use.  I built a card eating robot for my wedding reception and was always dissapointed with the pile of cables I needed to get an otherwise tiny computer running.  I wanted a way to put everything, including the USB hub, into the space of the RPi.