Work in Progress April 13, 2014 by Chris Kaschner

I've made a bunch of progress on Raspiado since I started in January of 2014 but there's still some things left to do before I can consider it ready for prime time:

  • Power Supply - Wall warts aren't cheap, especially when rated at 4a and finding one that can be used in the 3 main places I'd like it to compounds the issue.  I'm looking at you Mr. Schuko 
  • USB cables - While sticking a normal USB cable into the side of Raspiado is an option, I'm aiming for something more buttoned up looking than that.  In order to "get there from here" I'm planning to have custom right-angle USB cable made.  You just have to find an appropriate place to have custom USB cables made.


  • PCB Assembly - Short version - China is cheap, USA is where I'd prefer.  More quotes, more talking to reps, more emails back and forth.